Guardia dei Lombardi, Avellino, Italy --

Scranton's Sister City since 2014 and Dunmore's Sister City since 2016! 



Northeastern Pennsylvania is statistically one of the most heavily-concentrated Italian-American regions in the United States. While there are many valid Italian-American organizations throughout the region, there is not one that is dedicated exclusively to heritage.

SIAMO's goal is to preserve the Italian-American heritage through publicly-accessible activities, such as art and photography exhibits, reading clubs and Italian language meetups. there is no fee to join, you just have to have a love and passion for all things Italian-American and a desire to see that heritage passed down to future generations.


"SIAMO" means "we are" in Italian. We feel that our name unites all Italian-Americans in a common identity, no matter what town, province or region their ancestors might have come from!

has made it her life's mission to work actively in Italian-American affairs.

Stephanie's grandfather, the late Joe Longo, was originally from Guardia dei Lombardi, Italy. Her mother, Annie Longo, taught her about her heritage from the time she was little. She dedicates her work to her mother and grandfather, with the hopes that it inspires other people of any ethnicity to do similar work.


Stephanie Longo has been active in the NEPA Italian-American community for her whole life.

The author of several books highlighting the area's Italian-American culture, she